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Westborough, Massachusetts

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Fund Raising

With the exception of the land we lease from the Town of Westborough, all the Post's fire scene operations, activities, day-to-day operations and maintenance are funded through private donation and fundraising.  Donations come in many forms.  First and foremost are the countless hours of time donated by our members, Advisors and friends.  To all that help out, we thank you. 

As we all know, it also takes money.  Here are some ways we pay the bills.

Ski Swap

The 2020 Ski Swap will be the 53RD ANNUAL!  For 52 years, Dexter Blois, Joe Breen, Whitey Koroski, Post 85 and others have run the Westborough Ski Swap.  For the past 23 years, the Post has been the benefactor of this charity fund raiser.  The Ski Swap is generally held the second weekend in December on Saturday from 9AM to 1PM.  Skis, snow boards, skates and other sporting goods are dropped off the night before between 7 and 9PM.  You tag your items and set your price.  The next day, we try to sell your equipment.  There are also ski vendors that sell new and used equipment.  The swap opens on Saturday at 9AM, with a preview at 8:30.  If your equipment sells, you get a check for 85% and 15% of the sale is a donation to the Post.  If you don't sell your items, you can pick them up or consider them a donation to us. 

The 2020 Ski Swap will be held on Saturday, December 12th from 9am - 1pm.  Drop off is Friday, December 11th from 7pm - 9pm.  Please click here for detailed instructions to make drop off easier.

Can Collections

The Post collects returnable cans and bottles throughout the year.  Periodically, we hold can drives.  But, you don't have to wait for for us to hold a can drive.  Just drop off your rinsed cans and bottles in front of our can trailer.  The can trailer is a tractor trailer box located just to the rear of our wooden service garage.  You can leave the cans outside the trailer, we'll take care of them.

Check out our Corporate Can Drive.  We'll come to your company when you're ready for a pickup.  Just shoot us a message when you're ready!  Click here for more details.


Muck Boots

Waterproof Arctic Sport Muck Boots would make a great gift for any outdoorsman.  They are perfect for hunting, fishing or just cleaning snow from the driveway .  They are waterproof and available in men's sizes 7-13 and women's 8-14.  Muck Boots are $99.95 per pair.  If you would like a pair, contact us.  You can set up an appointment to try on a pair.  All profits from Muck Boot sales go directly to the Post.


Lightstick Sales

The Post sells lightsticks at events, in particular, 4th of July festivities.  Lightsticks are not only fun for kids, they promote safety.  Lightsticks are non-toxic and make kids more visible to traffic.  In particular, they are great for Halloween!  If you would like lightsticks, visit our booth at the July 4th block dance or give us a call or email anytime.  contact us


Tot Finders

Tot finder stickers can be purchased from the Post.  The Tot Finder program is designed to tell firefighters which rooms are bedrooms for small children. Children unfortunately tend to hide during fires.  The sticker goes on the window of each child's bedroom.  If there's a fire, the firefighters can quickly identify which rooms might have children present and direct search efforts to that room.  This is a small step you can take to help identify where your children may be hiding.  If you would like a Tot Finder sticker, you can purchase one for $1.00 each at the Westborough Fire Department.  Proceeds go to the Post.

**If you previously purchased a Tot Finder sticker and your children are now grown, it is very important for you to remove the Tot Finder sticker.  Firefighters may take undue risk trying to find a tot that is not there.

Last, but not least, Donations

The majority of our funding comes through private donation.  We are very appreciative to all who have donated to the Post, no matter the amount.  If you would like to contribute, you may do so by mailing a donation.  The Post is a Section 501c charity and donations are tax deductible.  For mailing information, click here.


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