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Westborough, Massachusetts

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2007 Events

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Providence Post 343 Visit

December 15, 2007


In the fall, Providence Post 343 visited Post 85 to exchange ideas on running a fire service post.  Post 343 invited Post 85 to the Providence Fire HQ for a tour.  Post 343 arranged for a tour of the special hazards unit, who gave us a tour of their response apparatus and did a lifting demonstration with air bags.  Members were also able to tour Providence's mobile air unit and canteen, allowing us to see how a large city performs the same tasks Post 85 is responsible for.  The Post then visited Providence's communication center.  We learned how Providence dispatches its calls through both its computerized and paper (backup) systems.  Members listened to emergency calls received and dispatched.  We then returned to HQ, where Providence firefighter Danny Rinaldi had been cooking up American chop suey.  Unfortunately, the PFD was not able to join us for lunch due to a 2-alarm fire that was dispatched as we were about to eat.   That didn't stop Posts 85 & 343 from enjoying lunch, which was outstanding!! Our compliments to the chef. 

A big thank you to Asst. Chief Dillon, Post 343, and all the members of the Providence Fire Department for their hospitality.  It was a fun day and a great learning experience for Post 85.  Click here for more photos.

Ski Swap

December 7 & 8, 2007

The Ski Swap was started 40 years ago to provide families a convenient way to sell equipment that their kids had outgrown and provide an affordable way to purchase new/used equipment for the season, while raising money for charity.  This year's event was true to the original mission. The 2007 Swap was a great success.  Special thanks to Rogers Ski and Sport, Whites Ski Shop, Dexter Blois, the Westborough Schools and all our customers and consignees for contributing to this year's event.

CPR Training

November 17 & 18, 2007

The Post conducted its annual CPR training.  Members received their CPR for the Professional Rescuer certification.  Members learned 1 and 2 person CPR, use of an AED and CPR for domestic animals.

Click here for more photos.

Worcester Training November 13 & 15, 2007

The Post participated with the Westborough Fire Department in live fire drills at the Worcester Fire Department Training Center at the Worcester FD headquarters on Grove Street.  The training occurred over two nights.  WFD members utilized Worcester's burn building to hone their skills.  The Post assisted by refilling air tanks, providing lighting and a rehab area.  The drill provided a real-life scenario for refilling air-packs, giving all our members the opportunity to practice.  Thank you to both WFDs for allowing us to participate!

Click here for more photos.

Rappelling October 13, 2007

The Post went rappelling at College Rock in Hopkinton.  Members set up two rappelling systems.  The first was on a 20' face, where members could practice at a lower height.  The second was on a 50' face with a free rappel 2/3 down.  Everyone had a great time.

Click here for more photos.

Visit with Providence Post 343

September 22, 2007

Providence, RI Post 343 came to Post 85 headquarters.  The two Posts shared ideas for activities and training.  We all enjoyed a cookout, and a good time was had by all.  Post 85 will be going to Providence in the near future to see a city fire department.

Thanks to Post 343 for making the trip up! 

SCUBA Checkout Dives

August 11 & 12, 2007

The Post spent the weekend on Cape Cod completing their SCUBA certification.  Checkout dives were at the Sandwich Town Beach.  Members demonstrated skills in the ocean during two dives on both Saturday and Sunday.  On Sunday, members then took a final third dive without the instructors.  Overnight, the Post camped out at Camp Greenough in Yarmouth. 

The trip and class were a great success.  A very special thanks to our instructor, Chrissy, for putting on a great class and Larry for acting as the second instructor for the checkout dives.

Click here for more photos.

SCUBA Training

July 2007

The Post sponsored a SCUBA class for its members. Members in the class trained to receive their certification as recreational divers, which is good for life.  Classroom and pool work finished up at the end of July. 

Click here for more photos.

Can Drive

July 21, 2007

The Post held its annual can drive.  The Post collected and sorted close to 18000 cans.  Thanks to all who made donations.  If you would like to drop off cans, you may do so throughout the year.  For more information, see the fundraising page.

Vee Arc Drill

July 14, 2007

The Post assisted the Westborough Fire Department at the Vee Arc drill.  The Fire Department conducted training with live burns in the building.  The Post assisted by refilling 35 airpacks, providing water and helping with hose. 

Click here for more photos.

Block Party

June 30, 2007

The Post assisted the town with the annual July 4th block party.  The Post helped set up and take down booths and provided electricity and lighting.  The Post also sold glowsticks.  We sell glowsticks year-round.  If you would like to purchase glowsticks, see the fundraising page.

Click here for more photos.

Open House

June 15, 2007

The Post held its annual open house.  If you didn't catch us this year, look for us again next June.

Gibbons School Presentation

June 14, 2007

The Post displayed its equipment and demonstrated the use of airpacks at the Gibbons Middle School.

Click here for more photos.

Memorial Day

May 28, 2007

The Post marched in the annual Memorial Day Parade.  Members passed out water to thirsty parade participants.  Afterwards, the Post assisted with the Fire Department's open house.

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Town Meeting

May 14, 2007

[photo not applicable]

The Post submitted an article to renew the leasing arrangement with the Town of Westborough for the land we occupy behind the Forbes Municipal Building.  The article passed, allowing the Board of Selectmen to enter into a new lease with the Post.  Many thanks to all who supported our article.

Road Rally

April 28, 2007

The Post participated in the Knox Trail Council's Road Rally.  The Road Rally consisted of a scavenger hunt through various towns.  Two Post teams entered and won a total of four awards.

Harvey's Fire

April 9, 2007

The Post responded to E.L. Harvey & Sons for a fire in a building used to sort waste.

Click here for more photos.

Vee Arc Drill

April 3, 2007

The Post assisted the Westborough Fire Department's drill at the former Vee Arc facility.  The WFD was conducting practical training evolutions in the vacant building, including smoke filled room searches, emergency firefighter drags & carries, and self-evacuation techniques.  The Post provided generators and interior/exterior lighting for the event.  Members were also able to observe activities at the various training stations.  This included using the thermal imaging camera.

Click here for more photos.

Hydrant Shoveling.

March 20, 2007

[photo not available]

Post members spent the evening shoveling out hydrants from Ward's Corner to Tufts Machine Shop.  Hydrants had been plowed in with snow, which would cause a serious delay if needed for a fire.

Skiing at Wachusett Mtn.

February 22, 2007

The Post took a trip to Wachusett Mountain Ski Area for a day of skiing.  A good time was had by all.  Special thanks to Westborough firefighter Jerry Jette for assisting with the trip!

Click here for more photos.

Ice Rescue Training

February 9, 2007

The Westborough Fire Department ran an ice water rescue class at Lake Chauncey.  Post members attended the practical.  Members assisted with equipment, manned safety lines and practiced with throw bags.  

SCBA Training

February 6, 2007


During the weekly meeting, senior members Mike Cusher and Nick Everitt demonstrated the use of SCBAs to new members.  The Westborough Fire Department acquired new SCBAs with integrated PASS devices.  The new members were instructed on operating the SCBAs, changing bottles and resetting/disarming the PASS alarms.

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